Career Program

What does your tuition buy, other than the fastest, most-accepted, most affordable treasure-trove of college credits available anywhere in China?  Believe it or not, you will receive much, much more than a life-changing fast-forward toward your graduation!  Take a look at what else you’ll get!

 Each Friday during lunch, there will be one or two faculty-led bonus presentations available free of charge for all our students.   These sessions will usually be a one-hour workshop, lecture, demonstration, or debate on practical, real-world, impactful topics that are both interesting and important to every university student. Topics typically will include:

1.    Time management for multi-taskers
2.    Decision-making for winners
3.    Resume writing that works
4.    Job interview techniques
5.    Networking for success
6.    Leadership for the next decade
7.    Management for the long-term
8.    Planning strategically for goal achievement
9.    Financial planning for a lifetime
10. Finding and correcting our weaknesses

This is one more advantage our program has over all the rest.  Why do we include such an enormously valuable series of career-enhancing events, when we could easily charge thousands of dollars for them?   Simple!  To show that we deliver life-changing results, faster-cheaper-better than anyone else!  This career program can help you Turn your Summer Break in China into the biggest break of your life!