Compared with AP, what is the advantage of Jinan University Summer Session?

AP is just an exam proving you have mastered the contents of some courses equivalent to the university level. While in International Summer School, you can attend actual college-level courses taught by professors, discuss and exchange views with professors and classmates in the class, and engage in the full spectrum of university academic experiences.  
During the program, you will master more profound and in-depth knowledge than those acquired from learning AP by yourself, and you will truly experience the academic environment of top U.S. universities.  Moreover, you will enjoy your learning and life-experiences with a dynamic group of other students from everywhere highly diverse array of American colleges and universities. In addition, some AP courses do not count as core curriculum fundamental courses in U.S. universities, and will only be counted as selective credits.In contrast, JNU courses are fully pre-approved for transfer to your American college or university, yet at a fraction of the time and money investment.