Jinan University
Jinan University
Jinan University Summer Session is hosted by Jinan University. All the courses open in Jinan University Summer Session is credentialed by Registrar’s Office of Jinan University. Program transcript will be issued by Registrar’s Office of Jinan University. 

Jinan University is located in the central downtime area (Tianhe District) of the thriving, ultra-modern international metropolis of Guangzhou. Situated to the north of the famous Pearl River, Jinan University has a beautiful campus environment, convenient transportation, and comfortable contemporary urban living.  

Jinan University is the first university for overseas Chinese students founded in China. It is currently the university with the largest number of overseas students in all of China, one of the “211” key comprehensive national universities, and a university directly under the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. The name of university “Jinan” comes from “The Tribute of Yu” in the Book of History, which reads, “Reaching Eastward to the North and South, we shall spread the culture far and wide.”

The predecessor of the University was Jinan Academy, which was founded in 1906 by the Qing Government in Nanjing, and then moved to Shanghai. In the year 1927 it was renamed as “Jinan National University.” During the Sino-Japanese and Pacific Wars, the University operated from Jianyang, Fujian Province and returned to Shanghai in 1946. In August 1949 it was merged with Shanghai’s Fudan and Jiaotong Universities. Then, in 1958, it was reestablished in Guangzhou.

Having long been known as “the First University for Overseas Chinese Students”, Jinan University abides by the wise guidance of the inspiring motto “loyalty, sincerity, integrity and respect.” Jinan University, in every facet of its operations, pays attention to cultivating talents with fine Chinese traditional moral culture and actively implements the guiding principle of “facing overseas, Hong Kong and Macau” for running a school. Since its establishment, Jinan University has been the intellectual home for more than 200,000 graduates from 134 countries and all 5 continents of the world.  With its myriad students and graduates all over China, and all over the world, you will become a member of a very large, widespread, and successful university family when you come to the Jinan Campus of the JNC Summer Program.