For JNU students, the credits gained in summer session will be directly considered part of their regular transcripts. For visiting students, the transcript is your complete and official summer school academic record. Within one month after the end of our summer program’s session, an official transcript will be issued and sent to you or your home institute. A copy of the official transcript will show all your registered courses, your grades and number of credits earned. Transcripts will be provided in both English and Chinese.

The transcripts are issued by our Registrar’s Office of Jinan University and sealed with special official seals. The edge of the envelope will be sealed with the official seal of the university. Please note that some universities only accept transcripts sent directly from Registrar's Office. Students are required to contact their own colleges or universities in this event and provide us with the correct mailing address. Upon receipt, we will be glad to send official transcripts directly to the appropriate recipient.