Academic Standards

The vast majority of courses offered by Jinan University during Summer Session are all taught in English and all the courses are open to our students and non-degree visiting students. Most of the courses are undergraduate level courses. Jinan University Summer Session will also offer some Chinese-specific courses for non-degree visiting students.Each student may choose up to three courses during any 5-week program with Jinan University. (Taking four courses will need special permission from Jinan University Summer Session Admission Office.)
All Jinan University Summer Session course structure, curricular coverage, and course grades are officially credentialed and certified by the Jinan University Registrar's Office. Pursuant to the academic oversight, pedagogical quality control, and guarantors of educational rigor provided by this office.

Course Selection and Registration

Each course has 25 sessions, each session will last 2 hours for a total of 50 teaching hours. All the courses will be taught in English. Jinan University will grant 4 credit for each course. At the end of the summer school, Registrar’s Office of Jinan University will issue official transcripts for each of our visiting students.
Each student may register for up to four courses per program session. Of course, if there are two subjects with overlapping meeting times, it is not possible for one student to enroll in both classes simultaneously.
Jinan University reserve the right to limit the number of students that may enroll for any course. Thus, once any given course is fully subscribed, the applications for that course will terminate until and unless someone withdraws.
As with any respected institution of higher education, students share in the responsibility for building their own course load. Before registering for any course, students should consult our catalogue and investigate the subject matter content. It is also imperative that students understand clearly any and all prerequisite requirements for any class they wish to take.
After acceptance by the Jinan University Summer Session and following appropriate payment of tuition, students may apply for enrollment in our courses through our online registration system.

Course addition and deletion

Within 3 days after the beginning of the program, students can add and drop courses online. Students may also drop a course during the first three weeks of instruction with the permission and approval of the course instructor. This requires the student to complete a course deletion application form. The signatures of both student and course instructor are required for this form to be deemed valid.
The application form should be submitted to the Office of International Summer School of before 17:00 (5:00 p.m.) of the third Friday after the beginning of instruction for any course. The course being dropped will not appear in the transcript.
For additional information about specific class meeting times and acceptable periods for adding and dropping courses, please refer to the Teaching Schedule on this website.