How To Apply
How To Apply

Jinan University strives to offer affordable world-class college education to students who are interested in studying in China in summer.

Application Procedures

Complete and submit the online application
Complete the online application form at Online Application System before June 16, 2019 for 5-week program. Please prepare a personal photo and an unofficial transcript of current undergraduate institution for uploading (waived for first year undergraduate students and high school students). No application fee is required.

Wait for your electronic admission letter
Your application will be reviewed by admission officers on a rolling basis. You will receive your admission results via email within 3 business days. After you receive your admission letter, you can proceed to register courses through our online registration system

Register for courses
Register for courses through our online registration system after receiving our admission letter. Also, you can add closed courses into your Waiting List in the registration system. JNU will keep your courses for two weeks before your full tuition payment. Your course enrollment status will be canceled automatically after two weeks without receiving full tuition payment.

Pay full tuition and fees
In order for JNU to provide high quality yet low cost study abroad experience, we request our students to pay full tuition and fees in two days after course registration. Also, you could pay for on-campus housing fees (if applicable) along with the tuition. Your course enrollment status will be canceled automatically after two days without receiving full tuition payment.For undergraduate students, your tuition varies based on the number of courses that you would like to take, please refer to Tuition & Fees for more information.

Apply for your Chinese visa (if applicable) 
Foreign students who need a visa to enter China will need to request for a physical copy of admission letter for visa application. To request, please email: For short-term study programs, you shall apply for Tourist Visa (L) instead of Student Visa (X). What should be noticed is that Chinese Embassy does not accept mail-in visa application. You may go to the closest Chinese Embassy and submit appropriate forms and relevant documents. If you cannot go in person, you may apply through a Chinese Visa Service Agency for a small fee. To find such agencies, simply search “Chinese Visa Service” online. Here are some recommended agencies:

For more information concerning visa application, please visit  the official website of Chinese Embassy: